TENRIKYO Asuka Branch Church | Japanese

TENRIKYO Asuka Branch Church

651 Kozaka,Asuka-cho,Kumano-shi,Mie Pref,JAPAN


Daily Services

Morning Service and Evening Service are held at Asuka Branch Church every day.

Morning Service

    5:30 AM (April 1 - September 30)

    6:00 AM (October 1 - March 31)

Evening Service 7:00 PM (Throughout the year)

Monthly Services

Monthly Services are held at Asuka branch Church at 10 am on 7th every month.

Calendar of September

Schedule of Asuka Branch Church September 2016

Annual schedule 2016

Month Schedule
January - New Year’s Day Service(1st)
- Spring Grand Service(7th), New Year meeting(7th)
- Nanki Grand Church Spring Grand Service(22nd)
- Oyasama 130th Anniversary(26th)
February - Women's Committee director workshop at Grand Church(25th)
March - Part of the university of Student cultivation(3rd-9th)
- March Ceremony of ancestor worship(20th)
- Nanki Besseki Promoting convention(26th)
- Spring Ojibagaeri by students for Oyasama 130th Anniversary(27th-29th)
- Imbuing meeting of Nanki junior society(29th-31st)
April - The Birth Celebration Service of Oyasama by Asuka junior society(16th)
- The Birth Celebration Service of Oyasama(18th)
- 98th General meeting of TENRIKYO Women's Institute(19th)
- TENRIKYO All Believers Hinokishin Day(29th)
May - Asuka Hinokishin Day(15th)
June - Besseki Lecture entry by Nanki all believers(during June)
- Besseki Lecture entry by Asuka all believers(19th)
July - Church Staying Meeting by Asuka junior society(undecided)
- Kodomo Ojibagaeri(July 26th-August 5th)
August - Church general cleaning(The afternoon of 7th)
- The first holding a ceremony for the dead, Votive lantern festival, Mass for the dead Bon Odori(15th)
- Kumano Great Fireworks cleaning Hinokishin(18th)
- 44th Nanki Boy tournament(23rd)
September - Autumn Ceremony of ancestor worship(19th)
- TENRIKYO All Believers Nioigake Day(28th-30th)
October - Asuka Autumn Grand Service(7th)
- Nanki Grand Church Autumn Grand Service(22nd)
- General meeting of Nanki Young Men's Association(23rd)
- Church Headquarters Autumn Grand Service(26th)
- 92nd General meeting of TENRIKYO Youth Association(27th)
November - Besseki Lecture entry by Asuka all believers(undecided)
December - Church general cleaning(23rd)