TENRIKYO Asuka Branch Church | Japanese

TENRIKYO Asuka Branch Church

651 Kozaka,Asuka-cho,Kumano-shi,Mie Pref,JAPAN

Introduction of the church

Our church is located in Kumano-city, Mie Prefecture. Kumano-city is in southern Mie Prefecture, and it is a city of 20,000 inhabitants. Our city, are present in the rich natural place surrounded by mountains and the sea. There are a lot of place to superb view overlooking the sea and mountains, to each. For example, Kumano Kodo(World Heritage Site), Onigajo, etc.

"Tenri" teaching was introduced to this region, about 1887. A lot of people got cured plague that was popular at that time. And many people were impressed with the teachings of Joynous Life (Gratitude Moderation Mutual Help). Then, Asuka Fukyosho(the predecessor of the church) was established on June 28, 1895.

Since then, more than 110 years, in the twists and turns, we continue to work with the aim of "School of Joyous Life" with everyone of many followers.

Main gate of Asuka Branch Church (May 2013)

Main gate of Asuka Branch Church (May 2013)

Church Overview

Address: 651 Kozaka,Asuka-cho,Kumano-shi,Mie Pref,JAPAN

Head minister of the church: Shoichiro ITOGAWA

Churches inside the department: 16 (Mie Pref:2 Aichi Pref:10 NaraPref:2 Kagoshima Pref:2)

Missionary stations: 12

Sanctuary and Chozuya(building for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth) (May 2013)

Sanctuary and Chozuya(building for cleaning hands and rinsing mouth) (May 2013)

Church events

Monthly Service: 7th of each month.

New Year’s Day Service: January 1.

Spring Grand Service: January 7.

Autumn Grand Service: October 7.

Spring Ceremony of ancestor worship: Vernal Equinox Day.

Autumn Ceremony of ancestor worship: Autumnal Equinox Day.

Women’s Associations Convention: 19th of each month.

Nanki Grand Church Monthly Service: 22th of each month.

Tenrikyo Headquarters Monthly Service: 26th of each month.

Morning Service 05:30 AM (April 1 - September 30)

       06:00 AM (October 1 - March 31)

Evening Service 07:00 PM

View from the church (May 2013)

View from the church (May 2013)