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TENRIKYO Asuka Branch Church

651 Kozaka,Asuka-cho,Kumano-shi,Mie Pref,JAPAN

Asuka Branch Church Actionplan 2016

We have decided the actionplan to spend every day with a heart to help each other more than ever. Let's spend this year with an effort of Itte Hitotsu (Everyone fit into one mind to match the management of heaven).

Shoichiro ITOGAWA (Head minister of the church)

The church,

The head minister of the church works hard at propagation and help in the lead with a heart toward the outside.
The church is "The Training Hall of Joyous Life".
- Convey the teaching of Oyasama to the people as many as possible, and take a great care many people visit the church and Ojiba.
- Recommend to attend the Besseki Lecture and entering the Syuyoka, and make a Yoboku who can practice Joyous Life.
- Further great deal of effort for children of church head minister.


Learn, and acquire teaching, and experience the Joyous Life; and let's become a fine person of your area.
Participate daily and Monthly Services, and serve it with worship clothes in Monthly Services at each family and each church.
With a heart of the thanks and joy, Work for God.
To convey the joy of faith to children and grandchildren, let us worship to the church the whole family.